How to find a channel in Telegram

One of the features that users love Telegram for is its channels. They are an analog of public pages in social networks and allow you to receive information of interest directly in the messenger. Here’s how to find a particular channel.

How to find a channel in Telegram through the built-in search

The Telegram apps for desktops and smartphones have a search function that can be used to find messages, chats, and channels. To do this, enter the name or keyword in the search bar. The results will appear below, and to go to the channel and subscribe, just click on it.

Unfortunately, the built-in search does not work as well as we would like and quite often does not find the desired channels. Especially if the name does not match the login. In this case, it is better to resort to other methods.

How to find a channel in Telegram through Internet directories

With the growing popularity of Telegram, thematic aggregators have appeared that collect various content. They will allow you to quickly find not only a specific channel but simply any new sources on topics of interest to you.

Follow one of the links below and type the name into the search bar or select one of the categories. Click on the desired channel to open it.

Click on the channel link and confirm opening Telegram to view content and subscribe.

How to find a channel in Telegram using a bot

Without leaving the application, you can also search for channels through a special SearcheeBot bot. Add it by following the link below, selecting your language, and then clicking “Search all categories” and entering the channel name or keyword. Click on the desired option.

Review the description and click “Go to Channel”.

How to find a channel in Telegram through a search engine

And, of course, no one has canceled conventional search engines like Google, Bing, and others. Write the name of the requested channel in the browser search bar and get a link to it.

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